Aglia japonica




the Russian Far East and Japan


in between  7 and 10 cm 


depending on local conditions, moths can emerge from March to June

Food plants:

Corylus, Carpinus, Betula


Not the easiest species, some experience is required.  Keep at moderate temperatures, in spacious well ventilated plastic containers when young. Older caterpillars can continue in large, plastic containers or in a netted cage . Keep dry (avoid condensation and wet leaves, do not spray).  Fast growing. Ready to pupate within 4 to 5 weeks. When ready to pupate move to individual plastic containers lined with paper towels until they have pupated. The pupae will overwinter, however do not put the pupae in the fridge until after the summer (make sure the pupae do not dry out during hot and dry weather). Moths usually emerge fast after taking the pupae out of the fridge early spring, so make sure to wait until the food plants have fresh leaves.