Trabala pallida




from Southeast China, south throughout Thailand and most of Sundaland. 


In between 4,5 (males) and 6 (females) centimeter


broods continuously in captivity, with several flights per year

Food plants:

Wild hosts are among others Terminalia, Melastoma, Lagerstroemia, Punica, Psidium and Sclerocarya. In captivity they willingly accept Quercus and Carpinus. 


In general this species should not give you any problems. Nonetheless avoid wet conditions. They can be reared in well ventilated, plastic containers even in the final instar as long as you provide enough space for the caterpillars and avoid all condensation. Never spray or give wet leaves, even though the caterpillars like to drink water (it's not at all necessary for them to grow and wet conditions promote the spread of diseases). Not a fast grower. The caterpillars need up to 8 weeks before they pupate. The pupal stage on the other hand is short, 2 to 3 weeks.