Streblote panda



the southern part of the Iberian peninsula (Spain, Portugal) and on the other side of the Mediterranean in Northern Africa from Morocco to Libya


4 (males) to 6,4 cm (females) 


in captivity continuously when kept warm, in the wild multiple generations throughout spring, summer and autumn. Caterpillars of the last flight will overwinter

Food plants:

many very different plants including Salix, Vaccinium, Citrus, Tamarix, Pistacia, Genista, ...


Can be a bit tricky, hates moist conditions and for that reason best reared in netted cages. They are very fast growing and will spin their cocoons within less then a month. The pupal stage is even shorter, only two weeks. Keep clean, dry and warm.


none if kept dry, but try to avoid late autumn or winter broods