Stoermeriana species Malawi




The parent female was taken in the Dzalanyama Forest (Malawi) where it is a fairly common species (in December)


Males in between 4 and 5 centimeter, females up to six centimeter


In Malawi I encountered the moths in December. In captivity they emerge after a pupal stage of two weeks when kept at room temperature.

Food plants:

Pinus, Picea, Carex are well accepted. The first two instars are very small and require very thin needles/leaves


Extremely easy.  However, caterpillars group together in mega colonies, which can make them vulnerable for diseases. Keep that in mind when rearing them. Keep cages very clean and always dry. Never give wet plants. First instars in well ventilated plastic containers, older larvae in netted cages. A bit slow growing. Caterpillars need around 3 months to develop.