Quadrina diozoma




from Arizona (United States) into Mexico (at least as far as Mazatlan in Sinaloa)


in between 5 and 7,5 centimeter


Moths are on the wing in June/July. The cocoons overwinter. In captivity the adults emerge often much earlier (already in April).

Food plants:

Quercus only


Keep very warm (day temperature above 25 °C) and completely dry. Slow growing. Caterpillars need at least 3 months before they pupate, so it's advised to keep an evergreen oak in reserve. English oak (Quercus robur) is well accepted, but may already have dropped it's leaves before the caterpillars are full grown. Cocoons overwinter and can be stored in a cool, unheated room (but frost free). Not in the fridge.. Moths emerge soon after they are placed warm in spring.


slow growth well into autumn, may require an evergreen oak