Philotherma sordida




West and Central Africa, from Sierra Leone to Ethiopia and Kenya and south to Zambia and Malawi


Males: 6 to 7 centimeter, females: 7 to 9 centimeter


Species with a slow life cycle. Only one flight annually.

Food plants:

Rosaceae (Prunus, Rubus, Rosa, Malus, Crataegus, ...) Be advised that first instar caterpillars have difficulties chewing Prunus laurocerasus leaves in the first instars (later they switch without hesitation and Prunus laurocerasus is a very good food plant during winter months). They do extremely well on Prunus serotina.


Slow. Caterpillars grow relatively fast and are full grown within six to seven weeks. Pupae however stay dormant for months. The moths emerge late  winter (between the end of January and March). In general not difficult to rear. Even final instar caterpillars can be kept in well ventilated plastic containers. It's not absolutely necessary to move them to netted cages as long as you avoid condensation within the container. Caterpillars dislike moist conditions. 


preventing the pupae from drying out with the central heating on