Pachytrina honrathii




West and Central Africa, reported from Cameroon and Congo east to Tanzania and westwards at least as far as Ivory Coast


females large (in between 7 and 8,5 centimeter), males much smaller (in between 4,5 and 5,5 cm)


In captivity continuously when kept at room temperature

Food plants:

Rosa and Rubus are recommended, probably other Rosaceae but not Prunus (serotina)


Easy and very fast. Caterpillars are ready to pupate in six  weeks.  Keep the first 3 to 4 stages in well ventilated plastic containers and move to netted cages when older. It is possible to continue to rear them in plastic containers as long as you avoid all condensation, which is quite difficult given the large amounts of leaves the final instars require. Keep dry and warm (room temperature).  Pupal stage is short (approximately 3 weeks).