Pachymetana horridula




West and Central Africa, with reportings from Ivory Coast, Congo (RDC), Gabon, Tanzania and Zambia


males around 4 cm, females in between 5 and 6 cm


In captivity continuously when kept at room temperature

Food plants:

Picea, Pinus. Be advised that first instar caterpillars cannot chew through Pinus sylvestris needles. Start on Picea or a Pinus species with very thin needles (a patula type)


Once settled not difficult. Caterpillars are ready to pupate in approximately five months (faster for a summer brood).  Because of the small size they are best kept in well ventilated plastic containers, just make sure there is no condensation or other excessive moist. Keep warm (room temperature).  Pupal stage is short (approximately 2 weeks).