Malacosoma castrensis




Europe and temperate Asia, from the UK to the Russian Far East


In between 2,5 and 4 centimeter


From late June to mid August.  Eggs overwinter.

Food plants:

Low growing shrubs and herbacous plants with a preference for Rosaceae (Rosa, Rubus, Potentilla, Sanguisorba, Filipendula, ...), Asteraceae (Hieracium, Artemisia, Achillea, ...), Fabaceae (Lotus, Trifolium, ...) and Euphorbia


Can be somewhat difficult if not kept warm and dry enough. Eggs overwinter in the fridge. Take out early spring. Caterpillars grow fast and pupate after five to six weeks. Final instar caterpillars are best kept in a netted cage. Pupal stage is short (approximately 2 to 3 weeks)


caterpillars get sick easily under wet and cool conditions