Lebeda trifascia




a common species in the warmer parts of continental Asia, from India east to Vietnam and Southern China


large, especially the females which can have a wingspan up to 10 cm.


two flights annually, one early summer, one in autumn. Caterpillars of the second flight overwinter without going dormant

Food plants:

Quercus, Rubus, but can be a challenge to get them to start to eat. It can take up to 3 days before they finally settle.


Once settled not difficult. The caterpillars of the summer flight grow fairly quick and pupate within 2 months. The caterpillars of the second flight grow very slowly and need up to 7 months before they pupate (this probably has a lot to do with the poor quality of food during our winters). Keep warm, dry and clean. Can be reared in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers in all stages. The pupal stage is short (around 2 weeks).


getting the caterpillars to eat