Lasiocampa quercus




from the UK all across Europe into temperate Asia. Very common in most places.


in between six and eight centimeter


one flight per year, from June to August. Caterpillars overwinter.

Food plants:

Polyphage and do well among other on Rosaceae (all), Rhamnacea, Salicaceae, Fabaceae, Betula, Alnus, Ligustrum, etc


Easy, but slow. Overwinter caterpillars cold, best outdoors in which case they will remain dormant. If you need to keep them indoors, use the coolest room you have available and be vigilant and check daily. When the temperature becomes to high, the caterpillars will break dormancy and need to feed. In such case Prunus laurocerasus or Pyracantha can be used. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers until they are large enough to move to netted cages (after overwintering).