Gastroplakaeis species 1 Cameroon


Gastroplakaeis species 2 Cameroon 




unknown, the species in these pictures originate both from Central Cameroon (Obout Village).  This may very well be one species. The different color for the final instar may be nothing more then natural variation and/or linked to the food plant


males around 4,5 to 5,5 cm, females much larger (up to 10 centimeter)


in captivity continuously (when kept warm)

Food plants:

Species 1: Quercus - Species 2 :Picea, Larix. Does not seem to accept Pinus (sylvestris)


Difficult to get started. Slow growing, it can take up to three months before they pupate. Keep warm, dry and clean. All stages can be kept in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers or moved to netted cages when older. The pupal stage is approximately 3 weeks.


getting the newborns to eat