Euthrix inobtrusa




from Northern India and Nepal east; throughout central and south China to Vietnam and south to Malaysia and Indonesia (Sumatra)


in between 4 and 6 cm


in captivity continuously

Food plants:

many kinds of sedges, grasses and bamboos. Easy to rear on commonly available ornamentals such as Fargesia, Phyllostachys and Carex cultivars.


Very easy, suitable for newcomers. Best reared in well ventilated plastic containers. Cut grasses and bamboos dry out too fast to use a netted cage which can stress and kill your animals.  An average living room temperature is enough. Fast growing for a Lappet and ready to pupate in approximately 2,5  to 3 months. The pupal stage is short (3 to 4 weeks depending on your rearing conditions).


obtaining fresh eggs