Dicogaster coronada




from Arizona (USA) into Mexico


males 6 to 7 cm, females much larger up to 13 cm


only one flight annually in July and August. Caterpillars overwinter, but do not go dormant

Food plants:

Quercus only, though it does not seem to matter which oak species


A fairly easy species when kept dry. Caterpillars overwinter and will continue to feed, so without an evergreen oak you will not be able to rear this species. The caterpillars should be kept in a cool room during the winter months. If you have small oaks growing in pots it's best to keep the caterpillars sleeved on a living plant (it is also less work and a more economical use of your evergreen oaks). Keep warm in autumn and spring. Always keep dry, but especially during the cooler months to avoid diseases. The pupal stage is short (approximately 3 weeks or less).


an evergreen oak is required to keep your brood alive