Cleopatrina bilinea




West Africa east to Kenya and south to Cameroon and Tanzania and Malawi. The animals depicted here originate from the Dzalanyama Forest (Malawi)


females: 8 to 10 cm, males: 5 to 6 cm


in captivity continuously (when kept warm)

Food plants:

Rubus, Rosa, Quercus, Arbutus


A fairly easy species when kept dry. Caterpillars are somewhat slow growing and take 3 to 4 months to develop (faster during summer months). Keep the first instars in well ventilated plastic containers and move to netted cages when older. Never give wet leaves and keep clean, especially during winter months. The combination of poor quality of food, lower temperatures, moist and unclean cages can rapidly diminish the level of success.


Quality of the food can be an issue during winter months and slowdown the development of the caterpillars.