Bombycopsis tenera




the exact distribution still needs to be determined given the confusion with several very similar species (like for example B. bipars). So far, this species has only been reported from Cameroon and the Central African Republic. The animals depicted here originate from Cameroon (Obout village)


in between 4 and 6 cm. 


in captivity continuously

Food plants:

fairly polyphage. Has been successfully reared on Helianthemum, Cistus, Abutilon, Eucalyptus gunnii, Rosa and Rubus.


Very easy, suitable for newcomers. Keep early stages in well ventilated plastic containers and move to a netted cage when older (or just continue in a more spacious, plastic container, they don't seem to care that much). A day temperature above 20 degrees Celsius is required and preferably not too far below 15 degrees at night. Very fast growing for a Lappet and ready to pupate in approximately five to six weeks. The pupal stage is equally short (3 to 4 weeks).