Rhodopteriana obscura



scattered records from Congo (RDC), Gabon, Cameroon and Ghana. The animals depicted here are from Amedzofe, Volta Region, Ghana


females up to 11 cm, males a bit smaller but still an eight centimeter plus


in captivity more or less continuously, but moths emerge somewhat irregular

Food plants:

Ligustrum vulgare, less interested in Syringa vulgaris and when given the choice all animals move immediately to Ligustrum vulgare. No interest in other Ligustrum species.


A fairly easy species.  Keep the first instars in well ventilated plastic containers, but move to netted cages when larger. The caterpillars grow fast and are ready to pupate within four weeks. Keep warm (around 25 °C), dry and clean. When they start searching for a place to pupate, move them to individual plastic containers lined with toilet paper until they have pupated. They do not make a cocoon.