Pseudojana pallidipennis



From the northeastern Himalayas throughout Myanmar and south into Thailand


In between ten and thirteen centimeter


only one flight per year with moths on the wing early Summer, caterpillars pupating somewhere in August and pupae overwintering

Food plants:

Tall grasses like Phragmites and also some bamboos (Fargesia)


rather difficult. Should be kept in well ventilated plastic containers. Be advised that cut grasses and bamboos do not stay fresh very long during warm summer months. Food should be replaced daily. Keep clean and dry. Caterpillars grow fairly large, up to ten centimeter. Larval stage is approximately two months. Pupae go dormant until next summer. Store pupae cool (not cold and not in the fridge) around fifteen degrees and somewhat drier. 


with low humidity and high temperatures many caterpillars fail to pupate. When ready to pupate move to individual plastic containers and place some moist (not wet) kitchen towels at the bottom.