Endromis versicolora



Europe and temperate Asia


five to six centimeter (the orange males are smaller then the white females)


Adults are on the wing early in Spring from March until early May. Eggs hatch fast and caterpillar growth is also fast. Pupae from May/June and overwintering.

Food plants:

primarily Betula, sometimes Alnus.


very easy and suitable for newcomers. Early caterpillars stages are gregarious. Older caterpillars become increasingly solitary. Keep the first instars in well ventilated plastic containers, but move to netted cages when older. Can be reared outdoors sleeved on living plants. Pupae are best overwintered in the fridge. 


Eggs hatch very fast and cannot be send long distance. Moths tend to emerge very early in Spring sometimes before the food plant is back into leaves.