Lobobunaea is an African genus of more then 25 large to very large species. The exact number is still subject to debate. Species that are currently considered to be subspecies might be valid species. This is for example the case for the phaeduse group. Those who had the opportunity to rear christyi, phaedusa and falcatissima know very well that christyi and falcatissima are not subspecies. The differences in all instars are simply too big, even with natural variability taken into account. This is most likely also true for other members in this genus.


The rearing of most species is not difficult when you manage to obtain stock in spring or early summer. The later in the season the more difficult things become. Keeping Lobobunaea alive during winter months can be rather challenging. When the caterpillars reach the final instar they are still very small, but then suddenly in only a couple of days they gain fast in size and just before pupating they become quite impressive.