When entomologists make a mess, they really go all the way, don't they? That's the least what you can say about the Gonimbrasia and Nudaurelia, a messy group of African species, that are object of debate for decades now. Is it one genus or more genera? And if we go for an expanded Gonimbrasia idea, what do we do with several other related genera? Or shall we divide into smaller, seperate genera? In that case, where do we place for exemple eblis or macrothyris? After all, they are neither Gonimbrasia nor Nudaurelia.

Lots of discussions none of which should stop you from rearing the colorful species in this group. But be advised, not all of them are as easy as the species for newcomers like petiveri or krucki. Some, like for exemple macrothyris, are quite challenging even for the very experienced among you.