Lemonia species occur mainly around the Mediterranean basin, with a few species occurring further north (dumi, taraxaci) and east at least as far as Turkmenistan (sardanapalus). These medium sized moths have a strong resemblance to the Lasiocampidae and don't look at all like the species that were traditionally considered to belong to the Brahmaeidae. The caterpillars are also very different from for exemple Brahmaea and Dactyloceras.


The caterpillars tend to be less easy in captivity. They feed on Asteraceae, especially on Taraxacum, Hieracium, Sonchus and Cichorium. Some species also accept Lactuca (salad) in captivity. When happy they are fast growing and ready to pupate in approximately one month. Most species fly late in the year from August to December/January depending on species and local climate. The eggs overwinter and can/should be kept in the fridge until early Spring.